Leading Conservatives Call for Defunding of Palestinians

October 16th, 2023

Former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese and former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., are among more than 60 conservatives calling for the defunding of Palestinians in the appropriations process.

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Rep. Mary Miller, R-Ill., former Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., and former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer also signed an Oct. 13 letter to Congress.

“We the undersigned demand the immediate and complete defunding of the Palestinians via the appropriations process underway this fiscal year,” the letter read. “In light of the heinous war against Israel started by Hamas and supported by other Palestinian elements in the region, not one American taxpayer dollar should flow to or underwrite any Palestinian entity or person, whether government or non-government, whether direct or indirect, and whether military, political, or civilian.

“The language in the relevant appropriations legislation, including continuing resolutions, composite appropriations bills, and individual appropriations bills, must be clear, very specific, comprehensive, and not able to be circumvented by unscrupulous bureaucrats.”

Former Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie, and Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, also signed the letter.

Advancing American Freedom, founded by former Vice President Mike Pence, spearheaded the letter.

“The United States must stand with our ally, Israel, and end all funding of Palestinians,” AAF Executive Director Paul Teller said in a statement. “The horrific war, started by Hamas and cheered on by some Palestinians and Iranians, has led to the death of 1,300 Israelis and 22 Americans, and the whereabouts of hostages are still unknown.

“The United States will not fund terrorist organizations like Hamas, that use whatever funding given to Palestinians to carry out terrorist operations and attacks like the one we just witnessed. Congress must demonstrate its unwavering support to Israel and cease funding the Palestinians.”

AAF said it serves the conservative movement by “developing innovative policy solutions, strategies, coalitions, and messaging that builds upon those accomplishments, expands freedom for all Americans, and hampers anything that would threaten America’s standing as the greatest nation on the face of the Earth.”

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