AAF Releases Aggressive Agenda to Counter China Threat

Today, Advancing American Freedom (AAF) issued a Future of Freedom Agenda focused on countering the growing economic and military threat of China. The agenda would increase U.S. military preparedness, improve trade relations with other nations, establish American energy independence, and secure U.S. citizens’ data. This agenda is the fourth in AAF’s ‘Future of Freedom’ series, that provides legislative recommendations to Congress.

“In recent years, China has only grown bolder in repressing religious liberty, trampling human rights, committing trade abuses, threatening Taiwan, and launching aggressive military maneuvers in the South China Sea,” said AAF Founder Vice President Mike Pence. “Appeasement has never worked a single time in human history, and it will not work now. America must send a clear message message that this aggression will not be tolerated. It’s why my organization, Advancing American Freedom, has put forward a Future of Freedom Agenda standing strong for American freedom against the growing threat of China.”

“The first job of the government is to provide for a strong national defense that protects its citizens from outside threats, and China now poses such a threat,” said Advancing American Freedom Executive Director Paul Teller. “Advancing American Freedom calls on Congress to pass legislation that would counter the growing existential threat and would secure America as the leader of the free world.”