AAF Rallies House GOP to Continue the Anti-ESG Fight

Today, Advancing American Freedom (AAF) sent a letter to House leadership applauding their efforts to repeal the Biden administration’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) rule and calling for Congress to continue efforts to codify the anti-ESG legislation. This most recent letter features signatures from twice as many state treasurers as the first iteration, an encouraging sign that the coalition continues to grow with additional states taking up the mantle against ESG. (PENCE: U.S. States Show How to Fight ‘Woke’ Wolves of Wall Street)

“We are grateful for the House’s effort and leadership to repeal the woke ESG 401(k) rule and will continue to rally behind the conference in their efforts to eliminate this hurtful overreach once and for all,” said AAF Executive Director Paul Teller. “Americans are looking to Congress to protect their hard-earned savings from being funneled into Biden’s woke agenda. We look forward to continuing our work with leadership to include this crucial legislation in upcoming legislative packages and deliver a win for the American worker.”


Advancing American Freedom has led the support for the woke 401(k) rule overturn resolution, with efforts that target key audiences in D.C. and nationwide. In February, AAF sent a coalition letter to Congress signed by over 100 conservative leaders and organizations calling for a vote on the Braun-Barr resolution. To amplify these efforts, AAF also ran ad campaigns in Arizona and Montana calling for constituents to contact Senator Tester (MT) and Senator Sinema (AZ) in support of the resolution, resulting in Senator Tester voting yes on the resolution.

In April of 2022, Vice President Pence delivered remarks at Rice University, calling out those who sought to weaponize the U.S. financial system to “destroy energy producers from within.”

Vice President Pence also has written two nationally-syndicated pieces in RealClearMarkets and the Wall Street Journal calling for conservatives to take up the mantle against the Radical Left’s ESG agenda.