AAF Praises Supreme Court Ruling in Favor of Landowners

Today Advancing American Freedom issued a statement praising the Supreme Court’s decision that the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) interpretation of the Clean Water Act overreached in its regulation of waters of the United States.

“The EPA has been an outrageous abuser of insisting that courts defer to them under the Chevron doctrine,” said J Marc Wheat, General Counsel for AAF. “With a 9-0 decision in this case, we expect good things when the Court takes up Chevron deference later this term.”


AAF continues to advocate for rollbacks of bureaucratic overreach in energy sector, government spending, and ESG encroachment. In December, AAF filed an amicus brief arguing for the overturning of the Chevron Doctrine. The Supreme Court is scheduled to rule on the Chevron Doctrine in the coming months.