AAF Calls on Biden, Congress to Tackle Wasteful Spending

August 2, 2023

Advancing American Freedom issued the following statement after Fitch Ratings cut the US credit rating to AA+ from AAA. This follows Democrats’ out-of-control spending in Congress and record-high inflation under the Biden administration.

“The United States is in the worst fiscal position in the history of our country, and the responsibility of this falls at the feet of the Biden administration,” said AAF Executive Director Paul Teller. “‘Bidenomics’ has been a disaster with 40-year high inflation, budget-breaking prices at the grocery store, and mounting economic pressure for American families. This decision from Fitch Ratings sends a clear signal: Congress must act now to eliminate wasteful government spending. The first target in this effort should be President Biden’s radical priorities in the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, which has crippled vital industries and placed an unfair burden on American families. We look forward to working with lawmakers to advance legislation that cuts government spending, lowers inflation, and reduces the impact of our debt on Americans.”


Advancing American Freedom is a leader in the fight for fiscal responsibility. From entitlement reform to attacking wasteful government spending, we are spearheading solutions to the growing debt. This year, AAF launched an ad campaign in key states to demand a return to fiscal sanity and call for Democrat representatives to be held accountable for their out-of-control spending in Congress. This campaign will continue throughout the appropriations process the fall, ensuring Congress takes action to address the ongoing financial crisis.