Vice President Pence on RNC Platform : “A Profound Disappointment to Pro-Life Republicans”

“The RNC platform is a profound disappointment to the millions of pro-life Republicans that have always looked to the Republican Party to stand for life.

Now is not the time to surrender any ground in the fight for the right to life. The 2024 platform removed historic pro-life principles that have long been the foundation of the platform. I urge delegates attending next week’s Republican Convention to restore language to our party’s platform recognizing the sanctity of human life and affirming that the unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed.

The updated platform also cedes this fight to the states, leaving the unborn in California and Illinois to the far-left’s extremist abortion policies. The right to life is not only a state issue; it is a moral issue, and our party must continue to speak with moral clarity and compassion about advancing the cause of life at the federal, state and local level.

The Supreme Court did not return the question of abortion to the states only but to the elected representatives of the people. Every life, born and unborn, is precious and deserving of their rights endowed by their Creator. The 14th amendment, though rightly cited, will not protect the unborn across the country without further federal action.

Democrats certainly do not view life as a ‘states only’ issue, and they will try to adopt federal policies in line with Democrat-run states if we back away.

Unfortunately, this platform is part of a broader retreat in our party, trying to remain vague for political expedience. But history shows that those who stand without apology for life and make their case to the American people are rewarded at the ballot box. But beyond the politics of the issue is the immorality of ending an unborn human life. We must never lose the moral clarity to say that abortion is wrong. The GOP platform may be retreating, but we in the pro-life movement never will. We will continue to be a people of life, and we will not rest or relent until the sanctity of life is restored to the center of American law in every state in our land.

My fellow Republicans, Stand firm for Life. Restore the RNC platform’s historic commitment to the sanctity of human life. Pro-Life Americans and generations  born and unborn deserve nothing less.”

– Mike Pence