Pence on Russia: ‘We Need to Meet This Moment with American Strength’

During Friday’s FNC broadcast of “Fox & Friends,” former Vice President Mike Pence called on the Biden administration to exhibit “American strength” to deter Russia from its aggression toward Ukraine.”

According to Pence, the White House needs “to meet this moment with American strength” and increase sanctions and pressure on Russia. He also emphasized the importance of humanitarian assistance for the Ukrainian people.

Host Ainsley Earhardt asked the former vice president, “What are we expecting in the months to come?”

“Well, I think it all depends on how America leads in the world stage, Ainsley,” Pence replied. “I mean, we need to meet this moment with American strength. Look, I’m glad that President Biden has increased the sanctions. The administration was frankly slow on that. And they did fail to provide — even the threat of them failed to provide a significant deterrent. But right now, what we ought to be doing is redoubling our effort to give President Zelensky and the Ukrainian military everything they need to defend themselves. We need to continue to increase economic pressure.”

He added, “I truly believe that the Ukrainian military has demonstrated they’ve been able to turn back the Russians, hold them back. We need to give them the arms. We need to put pressure on Russia on economic terms more every day. And we need what I said last week was something akin to a Berlin Airlift for the 21st century. We should be marshaling the resources of the free world and making sure the beleaguered people of Ukraine suffering under this Russian invasion have the food, the water, the medicine that they need to prevail.”

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