Pence Nonprofit Group Putting Door Hangers Around Iowa Advocating Parental Rights

As speculation grows around former Vice President Mike Pence joining the 2024 presidential race, his nonprofit group continues its push in Iowa by putting door hangers around the state featuring the former vice president and a QR code that gathers voter information.

Advancing American Freedom, which said in February it would spend millions in Iowa on a push for parental rights and against transgender-affirming policies in schools, has now started putting out door hangers around the state as part of the same campaign in what has been some of the most direct voter outreach done by the group.

The hangers, reviewed by the Washington Examiner, show Pence’s name in bold letters at the top of the hanger, followed by “Strengthening & Protecting American Liberties From Our Homes To Our Schools.” It also includes a QR code that takes people to a form where they can fill out their information.

“Mike Pence has long fought to defend a parent’s right to protect their child,” the piece reads. “We cannot allow burdensome decrees from radical Washington liberals, including gender support plans for children that prevent parental involvement.”

A spokesperson for the group said it has canvassed and knocked on more than 121,000 doors across Iowa. The group has also filed an amicus brief in support of families suing the Linn-Mar Community School District outside of Cedar Rapds for providing students with a gender support plan without a parent’s permission.

“The strength of our nation is tied to the strength of our families, and we cannot stand idly by as the Radical Left attempts to indoctrinate our children behind parents’ backs,” Pence said in a statement. “Advancing American Freedom will not rest until parental rights are restored in Iowa and across the nation.”

The group was formed in 2021, is financed by Pence’s supporters, and has a board of political operatives and conservative talk show hosts, including Kellyanne Conway, the onetime counselor to former President Donald Trump, former Sen. Rick Santorum, and Larry Kudlow, a host on Fox Business and former director of the National Economic Council under Trump. Some of the board members told the Washington Examiner that their place on the board is not an endorsement of Pence’s political aspirations but rather them helping a longtime friend.

Kudlow said that his being on the board is not a sign of any endorsement of Pence. Rather, he said he thinks of the former vice president as a “very good and long personal friend” and that he supports the cause of the group, which is why he joined.

“I think he’s really a great American, and a great patriot, and a great Christian, but it’s not an endorsement for president. It’s just merely to help out because he’s a dear friend,” Kudlow said.

Santorum, who ran for president in 2016 before dropping out and ultimately endorsing Trump, said his place on the board is not an endorsement of Pence because he does not plan to endorse anybody in the race.

“I think Mike Pence is a great American and is a good man,” Santorum said. “I’m not endorsing any candidate. I work with Newsmax, and I’ve told them that as a commentator and as someone who’s going to be commentating on the race for the next year and a half that I would not support any candidate.”

Conway did not respond to requests for comment, but, according to Politico Playbook, Conway has been advocating Miami Mayor Francis Suarez to be Trump’s next running mate.

“If you don’t want Donald Trump to be the nominee, you have a choice to make,” Conway said on Fox News this weekend. “You either run against him hammer and tong, square on, or you don’t run at all because too many people will dilute it.”

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