Pence group pressuring Schumer on TikTok sale bill

April 9th, 2024

A political advocacy group connected to former Vice President Mike Pence is pressuring Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to hold a vote on a bill that could ban TikTok.

Advancing American Freedom has launched a new ad supporting the bill, which would require TikTok’s China-based parent company to divest from the popular app or face a ban on U.S. app stores and web hosting services.

The $2 million ad campaign will run in Washington, D.C., and several key Senate swing states, including Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, according to Politico.

“Chinese TikTok is building a profile on every American user and has become a digital fentanyl,” the ad says. “Republicans and Democrats in Washington agree on one thing — we need to stop China by stopping TikTok.”

The House easily passed the Protecting Americans From Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act last month in a 352-65 vote. However, the bill since has stalled in the Senate.

Following the House vote, Schumer appeared noncommittal about bringing the legislation to the floor.

“The Senate will review the legislation when it comes over from the House,” the Senate majority leader said in a statement at the time.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Mark Warner (D-Va.), who has supported the TikTok bill, also said late last month that he didn’t have the “foggiest idea” when a vote might be held.

“They moved obviously very aggressively and quickly in the House. I’m not sure the Senate has that same kind of timetable,” Warner said.

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