American Prosperity

Rebuilding the Economy

“We rolled back more federal regulations than any administration in history. We fought for free and fair trade; unleashed American energy; and in three short years, we saw 7 million good paying jobs created…”

— Michael R. Pence

Restore the American energy independence that under the Trump-Pence Administration was achieved for the first time in 70 years.

Fight for policies that continue and restore the historic job-growth during the Trump-Pence years, during which America saw 7 million new jobs created and unemployment plummet to 3.5%, the lowest in a half century.

Promote policies that bring back the income-growth rates of the Trump-Pence years, during which Income for a middle-class family increased by $6,000, five times more than the previous eight years.

Amplify the economy-igniting success of deregulation, which yielded eight onerous regulations eliminated during the Trump-Pence years for every one new regulation created.


“The USMCA is a win. It’s a win for American energy. It’s a win for American agriculture. It’s a win for American manufacturing.”

— Michael R. Pence

Push for other trade deals like the USMCA, a state-of-the-art deal that opened up new markets and implemented new protections for American manufacturers and workers, auto-makers, farmers, and dairy producers.

Tout the $68 billion in economic activity and the 550,000 new jobs over ten years that the USMCA is expected to create, while calling for new trade deals that yield even better results.