CBN News: Why Former VP Mike Pence Blames Biden for Israel-Hamas Crisis

Former Vice President Mike Pence is blaming President Biden for the current conflict in the Middle East.

In an op-ed for the conservative outlet National Review, Pence highlights progress made during the time he was vice president toward Middle East peace while slamming Biden’s agenda.

“Israel is enduring the worst outbreak of violence in at least seven years,” he wrote. “A direct result of the weakness shown by the Biden administration from its first day in office. Many Americans witnessing the recent bloodshed in Israel are perplexed by how quickly violence erupted after years of calm.”

He added, “The answer is that President Biden and congressional Democrats have abandoned unambiguous support for our ally Israel, emboldened our enemies, and turned their back on the policy that yielded historic peace deals in the Middle East.”

The former vice president also pointed to the peace deals the Trump administration negotiated in the Middle East.

Last September, Israel signed peace deals to “change the course of history” with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, which were brokered by Trump.

“These groundbreaking peace accords happened not in spite of America’s support for Israel, but because of it. Other nations knew where America stood with absolute certainty,” Pence noted. “They knew America would respond forcefully if our citizens or allies were threatened. As a result, they responded rationally by pursuing peace and harmony.”

Pence condemned Biden for restoring over $200 million in aid to the Palestinians and taking the Iran-backed Houthis off the designated terror group list while simultaneously trying to rejoin the nuclear deal with the radical regime in Iran.

“President Biden has emboldened anti-Semitic terrorist groups such as Hamas by shunning Israeli leaders and restoring more than $200 million in aid to the Palestinians that had been canceled by the Trump-Pence administration,” the former vice president wrote. “He unilaterally took the Iranian-backed Houthis off the list of designated terrorist organizations. And worst of all, he has announced his intention to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, destabilizing the entire region.”

Then Pence addressed the issue with Hamas, stressing why he strongly opposes any comparison between Israel and the terrorist group.

“Every tepid statement uttered by the Biden-Harris administration is built on a false equivalency between Israel and Hamas,” he wrote. “One is a sovereign nation with a legitimate government and a trusted ally. The other is an internationally recognized terrorist organization that has fired more than 3,000 rockets at Jewish families and businesses in the past week. There is no moral equivalency between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas.”

Pence concluded his article by urging everyone to pray for peace and unity.

“Americans should pray for the peace of Jerusalem and stand without apology for our most cherished ally, Israel until the violence is quelled and Israel’s security is restored,” he said.

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