Press Releases

Press Releases

Today, Vice President Mike Pence issued the following statement on the recent debt limit deal. “The United States is staring down a debt crisis over the next 25 years that’s driven by entitlements, and nobody in Washington, D.C., wants to

Advancing American Freedom issued the following statement on the recent debt limit deal that was negotiated over the long weekend. “President Biden is sending the United States over yet another fiscal cliff. This new deal barely scratches the surface of

Today Advancing American Freedom issued a statement praising the Supreme Court’s decision that the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) interpretation of the Clean Water Act overreached in its regulation of waters of the United States. “The EPA has been an outrageous

Today, Advancing American Freedom (AAF) issued a Future of Freedom Agenda focused on countering the growing economic and military threat of China. The agenda would increase U.S. military preparedness, improve trade relations with other nations, establish American energy independence, and

Today, Advancing American Freedom (AAF) announced a six-figure ad campaign calling for common sense reforms to out-of-control government spending. The multi-state initiative follows an economic policy address by AAF founder, Vice President Mike Pence, delivered Tuesday evening in Concord, New