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March – 2024

Mar 7 In President Biden’s State of the Union speech on Thursday, March 7th, he announced plans to establish a naval port on the coast of Gaza in the Mediterranean Sea to deliver aid. The construction of this port provides Hamas with an opportunity to strategically capture such aid for themselves, use it to advance their terrorist agenda, and potentially target U.S. soldiers.

Mar 19 On March 19th, the Biden administration’s Department of State closed comments on its proposed rulemaking regarding “Nondiscrimination in Foreign Assistance.” This proposal would hinder faith-based groups from participating in federal programs alongside their secular counterparts and cut off aid to foreign countries that don’t support the progressive Left’s social agenda. At a time when China is expanding its influence around the world, America cannot afford to let its alliances deteriorate—especially by trampling on traditional values.

Mar 20 The Biden administration released new standards on Wednesday, March 20th to advance its radical climate plans. The rule will mandate that up to two-thirds of new cars and trucks sold in the U.S. be electric vehicles (EVs) by 2032. The Biden administration’s EV rule creates higher prices, a greater reliance on the Chinese Communist Party, and fewer choices for consumers. President Biden’s actions will make it more difficult for Americans to buy and maintain a vehicle.

Mar 28 In a continued effort to distinguish itself from the Trump-Pence administration’s policies without regard for those policies’ benefits, the Biden administration is abandoning the expansion of short-term health insurance plans. The new rule, announced on March 28th, restricts such plans to three months with a single four-month renewal, compared to the previous plans of under a year with a renewal of up to 36 months. This reversal is concerning, as it could limit consumer choice and increase the number of people without insurance.

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