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April – 2024

Apr 4 The Biden administration issued a final rule from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to “Reinforce and Clarify Protections for Nonpartisan Career Civil Service.” Biden’s OPM has made it even more difficult to fire federal employees who are not fulfilling their duty to serve America. The rule allows for a growing distrust in federal bureaucracy to flourish, as there is little opportunity to eliminate “deep state” governmental bureaucracy. Accountability for unelected government officials is essential for the success of our country.

Apr 4 President Joe Biden had a phone call with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel that highlighted harmful Biden administration policy surrounding the conflict in Gaza. In this conversation, Biden called for increased aid to the Palestinian people and a cease-fire. More aid would go directly into the hands of the terrorist group Hamas, which has the power to seize all resources from the Palestinian people. A cease-fire would strengthen Hamas, making it next to impossible for Israel to win the war.

Apr 4 The Biden administration announced its first designation of money from Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act,” which gave $27 billion in taxpayer dollars to the EPA. As predicted, this steep rise in FY24 funding for the EPA has led to funding for left-wing nonprofits to promote green energy and technologies. When China controls the renewable energy market, it is dangerous to advise putting taxpayer money in the hands of one of America’s greatest adversaries.

Apr 8 Despite being denied by the Supreme Court, Biden’s efforts to advance student debt “forgiveness” continue in this election year. The Biden administration rolled out a new plan to allow for even more “forgiveness” across the board, in some cases benefiting those who never finished college but have accumulated student loans. This decision by the Biden administration disadvantages taxpayers who did not attend college or those who worked hard to pay off their student loans.

Apr 9 In a final rule from Biden’s EPA, chemical plants will be required to operate on new clear air standards. This rule will ultimately have a devastating impact on the economy. Some plants have as little as 90 days to start fenceline monitoring their emissions. It is clear that this rule advances a political agenda that denies the reality of chemical plant operations and value.

Apr 10 The Biden administration finalized a rule implementing a strict national chemical measurement guideline for water facilities. This rule from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the first national drinking water limit on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). This rule hides the high costs associated with meeting these new regulations. A bigger bill for water utilities hurts everyday Americans paying for simple necessities. This aggressive push from Biden’s EPA does not consider the significant change in costs.

Apr 12 Furthering Biden’s radical climate agenda, the Department of Energy (DOE) finalized a rule requiring manufacturers to produce light bulbs with certain efficiency standards. Currently, the majority of lightbulbs are produced with 45 lumens per watt. The DOE raised this level to 120 lumens per watt for the most widespread type of lightbulb. Rather than benefiting consumers, this rule is another attempt to advance a climate agenda that does not consider associated higher costs and other harmful impacts.

Apr 18 The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) finalized a rule that limits access to America’s public lands. In addition to instituting a direct threat to rural America’s well-being, this rule contradicts the Federal Land Policy and Management Act’s multiple-use mandate, which requires the BLM to ensure public lands are being used for a variety of purposes. This rule limits land use for oil and gas production, which makes gas prices and inflation worse. Ranchers and farmers will face the consequences, as the rule will limit grazing on federal lands and severely restrict their access to public lands.

Apr 19 The Biden administration’s Department of Education (DOE) finalized a new rule that expands the definition of DOE’s Title IX regarding sex discrimination to include sexual orientation and gender identity. This extension takes away equal opportunities from girls and ultimately risks their safety as it violates privacy and invades women’s sports. The Biden administration continues to ignore biological truths and the importance of protecting children as it recklessly attempts to appease the radical left.

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