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September 2023

September 15

On September 15th, the Biden-Harris administration’s Office of Personnel Management proposed a new rule to make firing career federal employees nearly impossible. Agencies would be forced to gather evidence of an employee’s misconduct or inadequate performance that allows for removal. This process is predicted to, at times, take more than a year to complete. These firing regulations ultimately hinder government performance and make it harder for the government to operate efficiently.

September 20

On September 20th, the Secretary of Homeland Security signed an order to extend the Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans for 18 months. The expansion provides individuals who arrived in the United States on or after July 31, 2023, safety from removal, as well as authorization to work. The DHS decision only worsens existing issues present at the border. Rather than working to control the overcrowded borders, the Biden Administration continues to make it easy for illegal immigrants to come into and remain in the United States.

September 26

In late September, the Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman, Jessica Rosenworcel, made a move towards bringing back utility-like net neutrality regulations on United States internet providers. Net neutrality prohibits companies from managing traffic on their own networks. Net neutrality rules allow for less network innovation and greater access to illicit websites, allowing such sites to thrive – and may bring fees to access internet content that requires more bandwidth.