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March 2022

March 1

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission published a new policy statement that increased climate change regulations for new interstate natural gas facilities, in the middle of a gas prices crisis.

March 1

The Biden administration refused to appeal an unprecedented court decision that invalidated an offshore oil and gas leasing sale held in November of 2021.

March 11

The Biden administration continued to keep a knee to the neck of domestic oil and gas producers by imposing interim regulations through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission which will increase the regulatory burden on natural gas facilities.

March 21

The Biden SEC issued a proposed rule which would require public companies to disclose greenhouse gas emissions and their exposure to climate change. If adopted, this rule would artificially disincentivize oil and gas production while increasing environmental compliance costs.

March 31

The US State Department announced that starting in April of 2022, individuals will be able to select “X” as their gender on U.S. passports. The “X” on State Department public forms will be defined as “unspecified or another gender identity.”