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July 2023

July 7

Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas announced on July 7 the implementation of new “family reunification parole” programs. These programs allow certain foreign nationals from Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras who have relatives in the United States to immediately enter the country rather than wait for a visa. The DHS action is a legally doubtful exercise of the Secretary’s parole power which makes immigration increasingly unmanageable, waving through inadmissible migrants en masse.

July 11

After a five-year absence, the United States rejoined the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) after the Biden administration proposed re-admission. A return to UNESCO requires American taxpayers to foot an over $619 million dollar bill for back payments and future payments to an entity that recognizes Palestine as a full member, without advancing any national security interests.

July 24

On July 24, the State of Texas was sued by the Biden Department of Justice for taking action to stop the flow of illegal immigrants through the construction of a buoy barrier in the Rio Grande River. Not only has the Biden-Harris administration completely failed to get control of the crisis at our southern border—they are even taking steps to stop states from making efforts to protect their communities.

July 28

On July 28, the Department of Transportation announced a new fuel economy standards proposal that would require vehicles to meet new standards by 2032—66 miles per gallon for passenger cars and 54 miles per gallon for light trucks. Such a standard would place major burdens on automobile manufacturers and consumers and force a shift towards expensive and less efficient electric vehicles. This forced reliance on electric vehicles will also force greater reliance on the People’s Republic of China while putting currently insurmountable burdens on our own nation’s electrical grid.