January 2024

January 12

The Environment Protection Agency released a new proposed ruling on Friday, January 12th that would
require oil and natural gas companies to pay an extra fee if they reach a particular level of methane
emissions. The Biden administration is punishing the fossil fuel industry and everyday Americans, who
will see higher energy bills with the proposed rule. The Biden-Harris Administration continues to pursue
a climate agenda that is harmful for Americans.

January 9

Politically driven organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, are applauding the Biden administration at
the announcement of a rule change on Tuesday, January 19th, jeopardizing the rights of religious
healthcare workers to withhold participation in abortions and transgender surgeries. The proposed rule
invalidates a 2019 ruling from the Department of HHS that assured medical doctors the right to refuse to
take part in abortions due to religious or conscience reasons. The proposed ruling drives people of faith
out of a job and faith-based institutions out of business.

January 9

On Tuesday, January 9th, the Department of Labor announced a rule about the definition of
“independent contractor.” There are now six different factors used for analysis to regulate the
distinction between an employee and an independent contractor. This new layered reasoning
overwhelmingly harms working men and women who rely on independent opportunities. With this new
rule in place, the Biden administration discourages the entrepreneurial drive of Americans, especially
that of moms seeking flexibility in their work.