January 2023

January 25

The Biden administration released a proposed “Renters Bill of Rights” as the latest push for more rental
housing regulations. The proposal appears to accelerate incremental investment dollars to the Sunbelt
while punishing subsidized housing in major cities. The White House proposal creates real concern that
increased housing investment where it is most needed will be discouraged.

January 19

On January 19, the Biden-Harris Department of Health and Human Services released a report entitled
“Marking the 50 th Anniversary of Roe: Biden-Harris Administration Efforts to Protect Reproductive Health
Care.” The report outlines the administration’s approach to the recent Dobbs decision, which includes a
whole-government approach to pushing abortion and contraception.

January 13

The Biden-Harris Department of Justice announced that they have submitted a new “Stabilizing Braces”
Final Rule to the Federal Register. The rule would penalize law-abiding gunowners through new
restrictions for legal firearms. The rule would require gun owners to register pistols with stabilizing
braces (often used by disabled Americans) to register the firearms with the ATF or face up to 10 years in
jail and thousands of dollars in fines.

January 5

The Biden-Harris Department of Homeland Security announced a new mass amnesty plan in early
January. The proposal includes taking in an additional 30,000 illegal aliens each month, faster catch-and-
release at the border, and quicker admission of illegal aliens at American ports of entry.