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American Opportunity

Cut individual and corporate taxes so families can save money, and businesses can invest in jobs.

Permanently extend the Trump/Pence tax cuts that helped create 5 million jobs and are set to expire in 2025.

Eliminate special tax breaks and move toward a fairer and flatter tax code.

End the tax on inflation when calculating the capital gains tax.

Slash federal spending and require a balanced federal budget within five years.

Pay down the federal debt now, so that future generations are not saddled with unsustainable interest payments.

Drastically overhaul the federal permitting process so large energy, infrastructure, and other development projects don’t take years to complete because of government hurdles.

Eliminate at least two regulations for every new federal regulation.

Pass a law to require the elimination of at least two regulations for every new federal regulation.

Combat “woke” corporate culture and advance policies that allow American businesses to focus on performance over politics. Ensure that businesses and investment managers place the economic interests of Americans – particularly their workers and pension beneficiaries – over progressive political and social policy goals.

Promote urban revitalization through economic growth and entrepreneurship to create safe, clean, vibrant, and thriving cities.

Support universal school choice. Fund education scholarship accounts that parents and children can use for the school of their choice and/or accredited and supplemental learning outside of the classroom.

Empower parents so they are always in control of how their children are educated. This should include allowing students to attend the public school of their choice and providing credit for learning outside of the classroom.

Eliminate the U.S. Department of Education and convert some of its current budget to grants to states and localities, providing maximum flexibility in how to deploy federal dollars.

Advance 21st century vocational education and training.

Advance support for career and technical education, skill attainment, and apprenticeships for all ages to offer people evolving opportunities in a time of modernizing technologies.

For those who don’t graduate from college, state-level workforce development systems should make it easier to determine which types of certifications and skills are highly valued in nearby locales.

Public resources that target workforce development should be made more flexible by creating relocation vouchers so Americans can easily relocate to places of greater opportunity.

Authorize lifelong education savings accounts to better meet the needs of a changing workforce.

Advance regulatory reforms that develop our rich natural resources, regain American energy independence, and secure American energy dominance.

Eliminate mandates, regulations, and special tax breaks that put a thumb on the scale for politically favored energy sources over other forms of American energy.

Expedite permits and approvals for oil and gas production as well as pipeline construction.

Expand exploration and drilling on federal lands.

Facilitate the export of American liquified natural gas through fast approvals of export terminals, among other measures.

Maintain a neutral and flexible energy mix by rejecting government mandates, lopsided regulations, and carve-outs.

End market-distorting subsidies for any energy source.

Fight policies that discriminate against technology that uses American energy – like coal and petroleum – and favor energy technology that relies on resources from foreign countries, like minerals from China and Congo to make the batteries for electric cars.

Reshore American jobs by identifying, targeting, and addressing critical gaps in advanced manufacturing that were exposed during the pandemic supply chain collapse, including electronics, communications infrastructure, and pharmaceuticals.

Strengthen our patent system to better protect intellectual property and encourage increased American-based innovation.

Break away from President Biden’s global tax policy that puts American companies at a disadvantage to foreign companies and incentivizes moving jobs overseas.

Invest in critical infrastructure projects that are actually needed by states and localities, as opposed to boondoggle “infrastructure” projects that are little more than liberal priorities and unrelated social justice initiatives.

Negotiate more win-win trade agreements with our allies and partners around the world, including Great Britain, Japan, other Indo-Pacific nations, and Africa modeled on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), where American interests are not secondary to foreign interests.

Advance security and resilience in the supply chain by strengthening ties with allies and partners and reducing reliance on strategic competitors.

Revamp the World Trade Organization (WTO) so that it works for America or seek to create a new institution with allies that counters China’s unfair practices.

Allow insurance portability.

Expand health savings accounts.

Protect flexibility in modern labor markets by protecting gig-economy workers from overregulation and promoting innovative approaches to entrepreneurship.

Advance work requirements for welfare programs so that Americans are not trapped in a cycle of dependence or penalized for marriage and work.

When jobs are not available, allow people to meet work requirements through reskilling and job training.

Reform the federal spending process to make it easier to cut spending, harder to increase spending, and impossible to fund something that has not first been authorized by Congress.

Write laws to give maximum control over spending and regulatory decisions to legislators and not to judges or bureaucrats.

End the gamesmanship around government shutdowns by automatically continuing federal spending at current levels when Congress or the President misses spending deadlines.

Reverse federal overreach by ceding rightful authority back to the states.

Sell or donate millions of acres of federal land to the states.

Restore the division of governmental responsibilities between the federal government and the states so that, as often as possible, the federal government merely supports state and local management and execution.

Protect federalism by requiring agencies to assess and report how their actions will impact states’ rights.

Oppose excessive use of eminent domain and enact legislation to ensure that property owners are fairly compensated when the government deprives them of the use of that property.

Advance state and local authority over common shared resources, public lands, and water rights.

Allow longer timeframes for Congress to disapprove a rule issued by a federal agency.

Oppose any form of federal land-grabbing and fight every type of overreach by the federal government that encroaches upon the ability of states and private property owners to cultivate the land and care for our waters. Legislation or agency actions which seek to continually extend federal control over land and water, such as the 30×30 plan, should be rejected if they threaten private property rights.

End the COVID national emergency and return freedom to the people.

Oppose federal mandates (such as vaccination and mask requirements) and empower states and localities to respond to the needs of their residents.

Reform the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which mismanaged guidance on testing, surveillance, masks, and social distancing.

Ensure accountability by making it easier to hire and fire government employees.

Support judges who will uphold the Constitution’s governing principles and the rule of law.

End the adversarial role the government takes against law-abiding citizens and end the IRS’s attacks on nonprofits.

Protect individual choice in health care providers and insist on transparency so that Americans can make the right decisions for themselves and their families. Promote competition in our health care system as the only effective way to lower costs and increase quality.

Promote initiatives that improve health care for all Americans via affordability, quality, access, competition, and the free market. This includes individual and employer market reforms as well as the continued and expanded use of telehealth.

Realign our health care system to focus on improving health and health outcomes rather than services provided.

Right-size the government’s role in health care to focusing on basic fundamentals, promoting the health and safety of its citizens, and ensuring that decisions and choices about health and health care remain the right of the individual.

Fix the underlying problems in our health care system by restructuring and redirecting resources to make health care more affordable and accessible, with the ultimate goal of improving the health of our citizens.

Modernize Medicare by ensuring more choice and competition within the program and allowing for easy, voluntary exit from it.

Empower states by giving them maximum flexibility to run their Medicaid programs while holding them accountable for delivering value for beneficiaries in terms of both costs and quality.

Build upon the success of Operation Warp Speed and implement reforms to get lifesaving therapeutics and treatments to patients more quickly.

Prevent censorship in the modern public square by requiring that Internet companies live under the same liability framework as traditional print and broadcast media companies.

Advance free speech and end digital surveillance without meaningful consent.

Champion increased ownership and portability of private data.