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American Leadership

Pass robust defense budgets that provide all our military personnel with the training and equipment they need – wherever and whenever they need it.

End “woke” culture in the military.

Build up the Navy to a 350-ship fleet.

Develop and maintain offensive, deterrence-based cyber capabilities.

Make record investments in new technology.

Advance American leadership and security in space through the United States Space Command and the United States Space Force.

The United States has recognized space as a war-fighting domain. The Trump-Pence Administration reestablished the U.S. Space Command and created the first new armed service in more than seventy years, the U.S. Space Force.

Treat China as a security threat.

Bolster our strategic presence in the region, including by reinforcing strategic alliances with Taiwan and partners in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.

Aggressively utilize export control laws to block the sale of sensitive technologies to China. Coordinate with our allies a tough approach through export controls, sanctions, and investment screening tools.

Block or unwind arrangements by which large volumes of sensitive U.S. data flow to China, whether through medical records, digital apps, or other channels – all of which are currently subject to uneven standards. Democratic allies must also work together to promote data sharing amongst themselves while limiting flow to China.

Counter the way China exploits and weaponizes other U.S. resources, like our capital markets, including ending the self-destructive flow of U.S. dollars into China’s military and global surveillance apparatus.

End the policy of dependence on China for rare earths and other critical minerals necessary for national defense and build up a U.S. domestic supply chain to secure these strategic resources.

Treat China as an economic threat.

Congress should pass legislation that revokes China’s “permanent normal trade relations” status with the United States and requires the President to certify each year, subject to a congressional resolution of disapproval, that China deserves to receive “most favored nation” trading status.

Work with all other large economies – like Trump-Pence did with 5G and Huawei – to stop China’s technological and intellectual property theft, predatory tactics in the critical mineral supply chain, and other economic espionage and trade fouls. Coordinate with our allies and potential allies on a tough approach to China on these issues utilizing export controls, sanctions, and investment screening tools.

Maintain the tariffs imposed by President Trump on imported Chinese goods and services and rally our allies to counter China’s unfair practices and force China to the negotiating table to create a level playing field with their Chinese controlled and subsidized industries.

Treat China as a massive human rights violator.

Hold China accountable for genocide in Xinjiang and for persecuting faith adherents all across their country.

Continue to support democracy and valiant pro-democracy leaders in Hong Kong and sanction leaders in Beijing who prosecute activists and roll back civil liberties.

Treat China as the originator of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hold China accountable for negligently unleashing and hiding the origins of COVID-19 and demand that they establish a victims compensation and economic recovery fund.

Put a stake in Iran nuclear deal once and for all

Reimpose the Trump-Pence sanctions, particularly against individual members and organizations of the regime.

Support the Iranian people in their struggle to gain freedom from the clutches of murderous, terrorist regime.

Support a prosperous, safe, and democratic region within which the United States can work to advance shared interests, especially via free trade and relocating manufacturing from China to our hemisphere.

Push back against socialist governments in the Western Hemisphere – the type of governments historically known to adopt policies that impoverish their people and limit fundamental rights and freedoms.

Prevent illegal and uncontrolled migration, smuggling, and trafficking.

Assertively seek the restoration of human rights and democracy in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

Stand strong against Russian aggression and rally our Western allies in defense of freedom.

Create a massive, private-sector-led global energy production and export initiative among democratic countries centered around the export of American-produced natural gas to end Europe’s dependency on Russia for its energy security.

Use all available means to halt the use of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, including, if necessary, imposing sanctions against companies in allied countries involved in its operation.

Ensure all unlawfully imprisoned Americans in Russia are returned home.

Increase investment in our cyber-infrastructure and enhance our ability to counter and respond to Russian cyberattacks, cyber criminals, and influence operations.