Advancing American Freedom Announces $10 Million Nationwide Campaign Championing the Trump-Pence Tax Cuts

Advancing American Freedom today announced a $10 million nationwide grassroots education campaign to defend the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and advocate for pro-growth conservative fiscal policy. The campaign will include direct engagement with Capitol Hill through seminars, policy memos, and media alongside targeted grassroots activation focused on the ongoing tax and spending debate. The campaign will begin this summer and extend into 2025.

“Advancing American Freedom is launching a campaign to defend the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the largest tax cuts and tax reform in American history that let the American people keep more of their hard-earned money and returned jobs to America. The past few years of the Biden administration have shown us that you cannot spend your way out of inflation, and you will not be able to tax your way out of a spending problem,” said AAF Founder Vice President Pence. “Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Our national debt is out of control, and taxing the American people more is not the solution.”

See Advancing American Freedom’s new tax report here.

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