AAF Statement on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s ESG Rulemaking

In response to the news that Securities and Exchange Commissioner Gary Gensler is considering dialing back his agency’s dangerous Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) rulemaking, Advancing American Freedom Executive Director Paul Teller said:

“The Biden-Harris administration has turned Americans’ hard-earned savings into a progressive social experiment, risks Americans’ retirement accounts, and the growth of the American economy in order to advance their woke agenda are encouraged to hear that the SEC is taking measures to curb the invasive and destructive ESG regulatory regime that has come to define this administration. It is time for Commissioner Gensler and President Biden to put an end to these policies that favor politics over performance and support the businesses and institutions that help American families thrive.”

Throughout 2022, Advancing American Freedom founder Vice President Mike Pence has led the conservative response to the threat of ESG, calling for business leaders and elected officials alike to stand up to woke capital. Advancing American Freedom in their Future of Freedom framework has also actively called on Congress to enact legislation that would slash the liberal ESG regulatory regime.

In the 118th Congress, Advancing American Freedom is leading the conservative coalition calling on Congress to reverse the ESG rules that enable investment fund managers to pursue an ideological agenda rather than the best interests of American retirees.