AAF Opposes the Confirmation of Monica Bertagnolli

October 17th, 2023

The NIH was founded to support innovative medical research that saves lives. Tragically, Bernie Sanders has hijacked the nomination process to push the Biden administration to double down even harder on its innovation-killing price controls and harsh penalties on medical research companies. Monica Bertagnolli’s nomination is a Trojan horse for the progressive movement to further its anti-competitive and anti-innovation policy agenda that harms consumers’ access to quality healthcare and undermines critical research and development. The Senate HELP Committee should not advance this nomination and must take further steps to reverse the damaging impacts of Biden’s drug price control schemes.

AAF has written more about the danger of these policies being promoted by President Biden, Senator Sanders, and progressive Democrats here:

Price Controls Will Create Medical Shortages

Opposing Price Controls in the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’

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