AAF on House Judiciary Findings on FBI Anti-Catholic Memo

August 9, 2023

Advancing American Freedom issued the following statement after the House Judiciary Committee released its findings on the FBI’s internal memo referring to extremism in “radical-traditionalist Catholic ideology”.

“The leaked FBI memo targeting traditional Catholics was offensive enough, but that this document was widely circulated among FBI field offices is even more disturbing and conflicts with earlier statements made by the FBI,” said J. Marc Wheat, AAF General Counsel. “All Americans are guaranteed free exercise of religion and the right to peaceably assemble without being targeted by the FBI or being labeled as extremists, and Advancing American Freedom will continue to stand for that freedom for all Americans.”

Advancing American Freedom filed a FOIA request in February for DOJ’s records of contact with non-DOJ personnel about “Radical-Traditionalist Catholic Ideology” that comprised the basis for a leaked FBI memorandum relating to the surveillance and infiltration of Catholic groups in America. The DOJ issued a response in June, giving a non-answer that FOIA requests must have more specific information.