AAF Leads Amicus Brief Defending Boston Students from Racial Discrimination

Advancing American Freedom led an amicus brief with over 26 other amici in Boston Parents Coalition for Academic Excellence v. School Committee of City of Boston, in which students are challenging a change in policy at a competitive Boston high school that was designed to increase racial balance at the school and which has had the inevitable impact of decreasing admissions for Asian American students.

“Schools around the country are trying to find ways to continue discriminating against applicants for admissions based on race even after the Supreme Court’s decision in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard in which the Court recognized that discriminating based on race in school admissions is a violation of that fundamental principle,” said AAF General Counsel J. Marc Wheat. “Such discrimination is contrary to one of the core principles of American government; equal treatment before the law.”

You can read the full brief here.

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