AAF: “It’s Time to Defang the Administrative State”

Advancing American Freedom issued the following statement after the House passed the Separation of Powers Restoration Act (SOPRA), which would repeal the doctrine of “Chevron deference” that has enabled federal bureaucrats to make, interpret, and enforce laws without any accountability.

“For too long, government agencies have undermined the separation of powers set out in the United States Constitution. Rather than look to Congress to legislate, agencies have taken the legislative role upon themselves, and the courts have shrugged their shoulders, allowing the executive to run roughshod over the other branches,” said AAF Executive Director Paul Teller. “This crucial first step by the House checks the ever-growing bureaucracy and reempowers federal courts to do their constitutional duty.”

“SOPRA properly restores the judiciary to its province and duty to say what the law is, not what a self-serving bureaucracy states what it should be,” said J. Marc Wheat, General Counsel for AAF. “Advancing American Freedom will continue to be an advocate for the separation of powers and combat executive overreach like Chevron deference.”


In December, Advancing American Freedom filed an amicus brief in the Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo case before the Supreme Court, arguing for the overturn of the Chevron Doctrine. The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the Chevron doctrine next term.