AAF Founder Mike Pence on Biden Administration’s Plan to Eliminate Gas Vehicles

Advancing American Freedom founder Vice President Mike Pence issued the following statement on the Biden administration’s plan to nearly eliminate all gas vehicles produced by 2032.

“President Biden and his progressive allies on Capitol Hill have been intent on crippling the U.S. energy industry for the sake of a radical green agenda. This latest announcement only further underscores the Left’s prioritization of its policies over the prosperity of the American people.

“The government has no right to tell Americans what kind of car they can drive any more than they can tell vehicle manufacturers what to produce. President Biden’s far-left climate agenda reduces options for consumers and increases our reliance on China and its electric vehicle battery production.

“Conservatives should reject Biden’s radical climate overreach and advance pro-American policies that restore a booming economy, unleash our energy producers, and protect the freedom to choose the car they drive.”