AAF Files Amicus Brief to Challenge FDA’s Authorization of Chemical Abortion Drugs

Advancing American Freedom (AAF) has filed a friend of the court brief in support of health care providers’ suit against the FDA for approving chemical abortion drugs that endanger the health and safety of the women who use them, and request the Court permanently enjoin the FDA’s unlawful approval. The health care providers are represented by Alliance Defending Freedom.

“The FDA approved these drugs after ignoring potentially dangerous side effects to the women using them,” said J. Marc Wheat, General Counsel for Advancing American Freedom. “The FDA and the Biden Administration have been clear that they seek to expand access to chemical abortions with little regard to the safety of the women using these abortion inducing drugs.”

The amicus brief asserts that the FDA approved Mifepristone (the chemical abortion drug) without factoring in significant safety concerns at the time it was approved and the mixed results that were demonstrated in the drugs trials.

The brief goes further that chemical abortions pose a significant safety risk for women, which has been made worse by the intentionally narrow FDA reporting requirements limited to fatal adverse events.

To view the amicus brief, click here.