AAF Executive Director on House Resolution Condemning the of Rise of Antisemitism

December 6th, 2023

Advancing American Freedom Executive Director Paul Teller issued the following statement after 92 Democrats abstained from voting to condemn the rise of global antisemitism.

“Yesterday’s vote in the House was a shameful display from Democrats as they continue to show unwillingness to hold the antisemites in their party accountable,” said AAF Executive Director Paul Teller. “Condemning antisemitism isn’t complicated, nor is condemning a terrorist organization for the murder, maiming, and capture of innocent civilians, but the Far-Left refuses to call out evil for evil, and yesterday’s resolution showed that the Democrats are still willing to be the comfortable home for antisemites and anti-Israel activists.”

See Paul Teller’s op-ed on growing antisemitism on the Left here, from back in September.

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