AAF Continues National Conservative Leadership

July 24, 2023

Advancing American Freedom (AAF) launched a new series of targeted ads, continuing its nationwide advocacy campaign to hold Democrats accountable for the radical agenda of the Biden administration. The six-figure ad buy will target an initial list of six congressional districts—KS-03, MI-07, VA-07, VA-10, OH-09, and NM-02—encouraging Americans to demand Congress take action on key issues:

  • Energy: Stopping President Biden’s Ban on Gas-Powered Vehicles
  • Safety & Security: Securing the Border and Restoring Safety in our Communities
  • Government Spending & Inflation: Cutting Funding for Biden’s Radical, Inflationary Policies
  • China: Preventing China from Purchasing U.S. Land

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“Americans are bearing the full impact of the radical policies of the Biden administration,” said AAF Executive Director Paul Teller. “Advancing American Freedom will continue to lead the conservative response to this Administration’s failures and urge Congress to reject its disastrous agenda. Our campaign will continue through the fall, engaging with millions of Americans in support of the policies that will restore prosperity and security in our country. We look forward to working with our allies on Capitol Hill to advance our positive, pro-American agenda.”

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