AAF Calls Out President Biden’s Attack on Middle-Class Homeowners

July 11, 2023

Advancing American Freedom (AAF) led a coalition letter to members of Congress urging support for the Middle Class Borrower Protection Act, legislation that would rollback Biden’s new penalty on middle class homeownership.

“By charging Americans with good credit scores more to buy homes, the Biden administration is punishing financial stewardship and paving the road for another housing crisis,” said AAF Executive Director Paul Teller. “Advancing American Freedom is calling on Congress to pass Senator Braun and Marshall’s legislation and remove this needless burden on future homeowners.”

The full letter to Congress can be found here.


· Americans pay $15,000 every year in fees, penalties, and other burdens imposed by the sprawling administrative state.

· Under the Biden administration, things have gone from bad to worse as agencies like the Federal Housing Finance Agency decide to actively punish Americans for having good credit scores. Borrowers with scores of 680 and above will now pay more when buying a home.

· According to former FHFA Director Mark Calabria, the Biden administration’s decision is “absolutely intended… to subsidize people with bad credit.”

· As Americans continue to try to make ends meet under these growing expenses and government-induced inflation, the Biden administration has attempted to redirect public frustration by waging a war against so-called “junk fees” in the private market.


· American homebuyers can expect to pay as much as $3,200 more for the same exact home and mortgage.

· Subsidizing risky borrowers with money from financially responsible Americans will make the housing market much less secure.

· Under Biden’s regulatory strangulation, the economy has been weak and wages have dropped even while prices have gone up.

The solution to affordability isn’t more regulations, restrictions, and redistribution. The solution is more free enterprise. You can read more on AAF’s pro-American, free-market policies here: American Opportunity.