AAF Calls for Passage of Heartbeat Bill in Iowa

July 11, 2023

Advancing American Freedom (AAF) announced a grassroots advocacy campaign in Iowa to support the passage of HSB 255/SSB 1223 or the Heartbeat Bill. The campaign will mobilize AAF’s more than 250,000 grassroots activists in the state, while engaging with an additional one million Iowans through targeted digital advertisements, to support ongoing efforts to enact legislation that would protect the unborn at the detection of a heartbeat.

“The pro-life movement continues to stand for the lives of the unborn, but now in a more hopeful world,” said AAF Executive Director Paul Teller. “Since the overturning of Roe last year, tens of thousands of lives have been saved, but there is more work to be done. Advancing American Freedom will continue to lead that fight, and we applaud the pro-life Iowans who continue to defend the lives of the unborn. AAF will continue to raise awareness for pro-life legislation in Iowa and around the country and we look forward to working with state leaders around the country to pass legislation that will protect the sanctity of life.”

Advancing American Freedom has been one of the strongest advocates for pro-life policy, releasing a legislative agenda to enact laws that protect the sanctity of life. In the agenda, AAF calls for states to enact heartbeat legislation and to continue to fight for legislation at the federal level that would defend the unborn.