AAF Announces Campaign Targeting Government Spending

Today, Advancing American Freedom (AAF) announced a six-figure ad campaign calling for common sense reforms to out-of-control government spending. The multi-state initiative follows an economic policy address by AAF founder, Vice President Mike Pence, delivered Tuesday evening in Concord, New Hampshire. The campaign will call for greater accountability in Washington’s spending habits, with a particular focus on entitlement programs, which make up more than 70% of the national budget.

“Entitlement programs are far and away the biggest driver of runaway spending, and ignoring the problem is no longer an option,” said AAF founder Vice President Mike Pence. “President Biden’s policy is insolvency, and the same can be said of any of our leaders unwilling to take measures to save Social Security before it collapses. Washington owes the American people bold leadership and a better deal—and our team is proud to lead that fight.”

Vice President Pence and Advancing American Freedom have led the call for a return to the free market principles that unleashed unprecedented economic prosperity in the United States. From tackling entitlement reform and slashing government spending to reducing taxes and regulations, AAF will continue to advocate for the policies that allow American families and businesses to thrive.

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